Niranjan Shah

Chairman Emeritus


With over 42 years of experience in the Gems and Jewellery industry, Mr. Niranjan Shah has an extensive exposure to the entire gamut of activities involved in the trade. In 1970, he began his career in cut and polished diamonds by setting up N. Kumar Diamond Exports. In 1995, Mr. Shah joined the Company’s Board of Directors and was named Chairman effective January 1, 2003. He has been instrumental in helping shape the long-term strategic direction and overall business success of the Company. In 2021, he was honoured with the position of Chairman Emeritus by the Board of Directors.


Sumit Shah

Chairman and Global CEO


After obtaining a degree in Finance from the US, Mr. Sumit Shah moved back to India in 1995 to explore a career in the gems and jewellery industry. He decided to move into the jewellery manufacturing and export business and set-up Renaissance Global Ltd. in 1995. He has successfully steered the Company over 25 years, making it one of the largest jewellery exporters in India. Today, Mr. Sumit Shah is Chairman of the Board and is responsible for overall strategic planning, mergers & acquisitions and execution of long term plans of the Company, with a special focus on developing the next growth engines of the Company. 


Hitesh Shah

Managing Director


Mr. Hitesh Shah has been associated with the company for over two decades and has an overall industry experience of over 25 years. He is the key guiding force behind developing the Company’s business strategies and has a sharp focus on effective execution and operational excellence. He leads the core management team of the Company and is responsible for key functions like product development, overall operations, finance and sourcing. He works closely with the Chairman in ensuring that the Company’s key strategies, visions and goals are being adhered to by the Group. 

Neville Tata

Executive Director


With over three decades of experience in the jewellery business, Mr. Neville Tata has a strong grasp of the jewellery production process. His areas of expertise include manufacturing, quality control, personnel planning, industrial relations and talent development. He has been with the company for over 23 years and has been instrumental in the setting up and running of the Company’s manufacturing facilities across various locations. He has been successful in developing effective processes and standards for production and directing quality assurance efforts.

Darshil Shah

Executive Director


A qualified Chartered Accountant by profession, Mr. Darshil Shah started his career in the field of business strategy, mergers & acquisitions, international taxation and corporate finance. Mr. Shah joined the Company in 2015 & spearheaded the Middle East division of the company out of the UAE office from 2016 upto 2020. He then moved back to help develop and execute the Groups business strategies by monitoring day to day execution and operations of the Group.  His areas of focus include strategic corporate finance, corporate strategy, mergers and acquisitions and operations management. He was appointed to the Company’s Board of Directors in December 2021.